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Vetting The Right Person For The Job

Admin May 11, 2023

What is employee screening & vetting?

Vetting is a process where the individuals right to work, employment history, academic credentials, criminal records, character, public financial records, licenses and certifications, credit reports, and social media profiles are checked to confirm validity and reliability. It is imperative that clear guidelines are set and best practices are observed.
Here at First4Freelancers we aim to remove all the hassle out of this process, streamlining it for speed and efficiency. Whether you are the employer or an individual; making one application or many — we offer a bespoke, personalised service which allows you to choose the checks that you require — and save time and money in the process.
By outsourcing your screening to First4freelancers, you can be confident that your pre-employment checks will be completed quickly, run smoothly and meet the necessary professional and regulatory standards/compliance. Take advantage of our services from the simplest of background checks to detailed pre-employment screening.
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Why vet your candidates?

The vetting process allows employers to validate the information received from the candidate for validity and consistency. There are several reasons why you as an employer are required by law to vet your candidates:
  • Saving money. You as employer can save significant amount of money by only moving forward with the candidates that are well suited for this position. This additionally allows you to spend more time interviewing the individuals that are in fact a good fit for the job.
  • Ensuring the candidate meets the health requirements for the job. Health checks are required for some jobs as a legal requirement for some positions. Some examples include eye tests for commercial vehicle drivers and cycle couriers.
  • Ensuring that the candidate has the right to work in the UK. It is illegal to offer a position to someone who has no right to work in the country.
  • Ensuring that the candidate has a clear criminal record. We will request a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) check or a more detailed criminal record for those applying to sensitive industries such as childcare and healthcare.
  • Ensuring that a candidate has the required academic credentials. We will require proof of attainment for the certifications provided in the applicants resume to ensure general validity.
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Steps in our screening process

These may very well vary between our clients depending on the parts of the journey you are looking to outsource to First4Freelancers. Below is a rough outline:
  • Initial on paper screening. This corresponds to the employer reading through the candidates resume to assess whether they are a good fit and have the right qualifications on paper.
  • Phone and video screening. After reading through the individuals resume we will conduct a brief phone call or video meeting with the candidate. This will allow us to assess the candidates suitability across a wide range of criteria including but not limited to education history, communication skills and personality.
  • In-person screening. We view this as an opportunity to learn more about an individual than we possibly could over a phone call. The aim is to understand more about their experiences and circumstances with additional considerations being given to their communication skills and academic achievements.
  • Background checks. This is when the legal fit of the candidate for the position in question is assessed. This will often include a criminal background check, unspent convictions, driving violations, health and education checks.
  • Reference checks. It is important to get feedback about an individual from the perspective of someone who has interacted with them in a professional capacity as this can help highlight inconsistencies and character flaws that would disqualify the person from being the right one for the position in question.

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Vetting The Right Person For The Job

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